SLOB Sunday: Playoff Edition, Round 1

Welcome to another edition of SLOB Sunday! This is a semi-regular series to project my love for SideLine Out of Bounds plays, or SLOBs.

Quick refresher on the rules of SLOB Sunday:

  1. The play has to result in a made basket
  2. Has to be an inbounds play from the sideline
  3. Has to be creative (no high pick and rolls)
  4. Bonus points for high-pressure game situation or towards the end of a game

With that in mind, let’s get started.

Pacers vs Cavaliers – Game 4 dipo slob.gif

I have absolutely no idea how Victor Oladipo is able to set his feet on the move, contort his body 180 degrees, and release a perfect shot in less than one second. It’s a work of art. He has been magnificent against the Cavaliers, shooting 40% from three and carrying the Pacers to a Game 7 in Cleveland. I also cannot take my eyes off the fan sitting behind the basket wielding some sort of pink flamingo.

Warriors vs Spurs – Game 5

klay slob.gif

It must be so frustrating to guard Klay Thompson. Danny Green does a great job staying attached to his man at the hip when Klay sets the screen for Durant, but he makes the fatal mistake of trying to go over Javale McGee instead of following Klay under. With Thompson shooting a career-best 44% from three this year, Green has practically no choice but to play overly aggressive on every screen.

Blazers vs Pelicans – Game 2

Portland playoff slob.gif

I love the gutsy play call here by Terry Stotts in the 4th quarter. Anthony Davis almost gets to the ball in time to break the play up, but Lillard picks up enough speed when he curls around the Mo Harkless screen to finish the play. Impressive body control here by Lillard, finishing that lob with two defenders attached is no easy feat.


76ers vs Heat – Game 1

philly slob.gif

I’m not sure if the credit for this play deserves to go to Marco Belinelli, who acts as a nice decoy by cutting sharply through the middle, or Dario Saric, who sets an good screen for Belinelli then dashes to the rim, or Dwyane Wade, who completely dies on JJ Redick’s screen. Nonetheless, Ben Simmons does an excellent job of delivering a rocket to Saric in the perfect spot. The Sixers scored 130 in this game, largely because of bad defensive communication by Miami, but it also helped that they shot 18-28 (64.3%) from three point range.

Raptors vs Wizards – Game 6raps slob.gif

This play is all about Kyle Lowry. He’s able to tie up Markieff Morris on the screen, despite being 10 inches and 40 pounds smaller than the man he’s screening. This causes Gortat to have to help out on Siakam, who is unguarded under the basket. After Lowry gets the ball, he immediately attacks the middle because Gortat is too far back to contest his floater.

Bucks vs Celtics – Game 5bucks playoff slob.gif

In need of a quick bucket, the Bucks are able to execute a beautiful, simple out of bounds play to get the ball in the hands of one of their best three point shooters. Marcus Smart does a great job of staying active on defense and tries to read the play, but gets to Khris Middleton a millisecond too late. Middleton was on fire this series on SLOBs, hitting one of the shots of the year over Jaylen Brown.

If you’d like to learn more about how Khris Middleton is quietly one of the best players in the NBA, check out my profile on Middleton from February.

Until next time, enjoy Round 2, everyone!

Jacob Mooallem is a student manager for the Indiana University Men’s Basketball team. He spends too much of his time on Twitter.

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