2018 All Big Ten Name Teams

I know I have many fans out there clamoring for college basketball analysis, and since being a student manager has led to me knowing most names on Big Ten rosters, I have decided to use my acute basketball analysis to compile a list of my All Big Ten Teams based on purely first and last names. Enjoy:


The 2018 Big Ten rosters featured some incredible names, but perhaps none more awesome than Thorir Thorbjarnarson, who literally can go by ‘Thor Thor’. Eugene Omoruyi is a fun one as well, but my personal favorite is Aaron Jordan. The Air Jordan brand was introduced in 1984, Aaron Jordan was born in 1997. Shoutout to his parents.


I really hope Johnny Trueblood is getting royalty checks from HBO. And shoutout to my Nana, I love her very much. Honorable mentions include Maryland’s Alex Tostado, who almost made the first team except I googled it, and tostados aren’t a real food. I was thinking of tostadas and now I’m hungry. Great season everybody, can’t wait for next year.

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